Enroll in our Low Price Adult ESL Course!

Why our English Program is different...

Low Price

Bright Beginnings offers a low price ESL adult course for adults.  This program is perfect for adults who want to learn conversational English in a casual setting.  Join our group of adults and learn the basics of English.

Convenient Shuttle

Students can take our Bright Beginnings shuttle to and from Waikiki.  In the mornings, we will pick-up students from Waikiki in our shuttle.  After class- we will drop them off at Waikiki.  Getting to school couldn't be easier.

Best Location - Kahala!

Just minutes away from the bustle of Waikiki is the upscale neighborhood of Kahala, considered the "Beverly Hills" of Hawaii.   Kahala is home to Kahala Mall, where we are located, Diamond Head crater and secluded sandy beaches.  Come join us at Bright Beginnings and enjoy the beautiful, secluded neighborhood of Kahala!

Course Description

Adults who want to focus on improving their English conversational skills should enroll in this class.  Our general ESL course is designed to improve your English language skills and gave you more confidence in general conversations.  The course is semi-intensive and is available at all levels from Beginners to Advanced.  We focus on improving one's speaking skills in practical situations.  In addition, lessons are provided on grammar, listening and reading.  This low price ESL adult course can improve your English.

At Bright Beginnings, our curriculum uses the National Geographic ESL program as a baseline structure for our classes for students.  The curriculum encourages self-expression, global citizenship, and active participation in the classroom through cross-curricular topics and stories from National Geographic Explorers.  Lessons are designed to inspire global citizens and promote 21st century skills through readings, videos, audio recordings and activities.  Through authentic, real-world content, big ideas and inspiring stories from National Geographic, the curriculum challenges students to not only understand their world but also to engage with it – all while learning English.  Students will be exposed to different cultures, places, global customs and traditions.

Course Weekly Schedule

The weekly program is Monday to Thursday.  It is a 16 hour/week course.  Classes starts at 8:30 am and ends at 12:30 pm.  Students can only join from Monday's.

Course Details


Lesson Length:

Lessons per week:

Excursions per week:




Class size:

All year

Mornings 16 hours

16 lessons, Monday - Thursday

Students can elect to join an activity

1 week minimum

Beginner to Advanced

Every Monday

12 students maximum

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