Enroll now... English for a Brighter Future

Camp Enrollment is Open!

Winter, December 17 - February 22, 2019
Summer, July 15 - August 30, 2019

Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm

Bright Beginnings is accepting enrollment for the 2018-2019 Camp.  This year we have an exciting program planned for the students.  In the morning, children will study English for three hours from 9am to noon-time from Monday to Friday for 15 hours of instruction a week.  Our program is structured around weekly themes, group projects and individual studies in speaking, listening, writing and reading.  Bright Beginnings is the best English program for children.

  • Smallest classes with 1 teacher per a target of 4 children
  • Smaller classes allows for more customized instruction focusing on key needs of each student
  • Weekly themes for instruction that is integrated with the afternoon programming
  • Opportunities to present in English their weekly projects to the whole class

New Activity:  Make a New Friend as Pen-Pals!

In the afternoon, students will participate in a variety of activities exploring the magic of Hawaii.  A new addition to our regular programs is our Pen-Pal activity.  Every student at Bright Beginnings will be matched with a local student in Hawaii.  On Wednesday, we will visit a school and participate in joint activities where the Pen-Pals can make introductions, share hobbies, play together and start a life-lasting friendship.  Bright Beginnings has the most unique and best activity program.

  • Wide variety of activities planned from riding Pirate ships, jumping on trampolines to Arts & Crafts
  • Joint activities with local children at Kahala Elementary School every Wednesday
  • Balance of sports, creative arts, nature and community
  • Fun outings with fun teachers 

Registration fee $150

Key Facts

 Minimum Age                                                                                      5 years old

 Average Age of Children                                                               10 years old

  Hours of English Instruction per Week                                15 hours per week

  Length of Summer Camp                                                              6 weeks

  Location                                                                                                Kahala Mall

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