Enroll in our Integrated Adult English Course!

Why our English Program is different?  3 reasons...

Reason 1:  Best Learning Center

At Bright Beginnings, our proven learning system has earned the trust of thousands of families across generations since the mid-1980’s.  Being selected as the Best Tutor in Hawaii for every year since 2013 by Honolulu Magazine, we offer an integrated, holistic and systematic approach to learning English.  Your course can be customized to best suit your needs.  Achieve fluency quickly and effectively by following our English Program structure. Our system, called ‘English for a Brighter Future’, is composed of four parts:  assessment, integration, depth and reinforcement.

Reason 2:  Best Location - Kahala!

Just minutes away from the bustle of Waikiki is the upscale neighborhood of Kahala, considered the "Beverly Hills" of Hawaii, a community composed of mansion-like houses with sprawling grounds.  Kahala is home to the Kahala Mall, where Bright Beginnings is located, Diamond Head crater and the Kahala Hotel & Resort.  Kahala also enjoys access to several secluded sandy beaches which unlike Waikiki, those in Kahala are rarely crowded.  So, come join us at Bright Beginnings and enjoy the beautiful neighborhood of Kahala!

Reason 3:  Personalized, Intimate & Fun

Start off with our English assessment and see how your English skills measure up.  Based on your assessment results, you will be placed in a class that is suitable for your skill level.  Also, the assessment will provide insights into which functional areas need improvement the most.  Bright Beginnings offers the smallest & most intimate group settings in Hawaii, comprising of only 7 students per 1 teacher.  In a small class & school, students can express their thoughts confidently without reservation.  Moreover, teachers and students alike are able to get acquainted better during class and through participation in our optional afternoon activities.  We host a variety of unique activities which provide opportunities for participants to get to know one another through English and, of course, through fun.

Four parts to achieving English fluency quickly and effectively...

Part 1:  Assessment

Our English assessment test measures English proficiency in broad bands and identifies what a learner can do across four skills:  listening, reading, speaking and writing. Based on the results of our assessment tests, adults will be slotted in one of our four level courses where the learning and teacher materials are aligned.

  • Integrated English:  Beginners Classes
  • Integrated English:  Beginner-Intermediate Class
  • Integrated English:  Intermediate Classes
  • Integrated English:  Advanced Classes

Part 2:  Integration

Our integrated English program is a 20 lesson structured program for adult learners who wish to make true progress in their English skills.  The classes are offered Mon-Thur, 8:30am - 12:30pm.  We provide integrated and balanced instructions in speaking, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation.

  • Conversation activation lessons to help build conversational competence
  • Extensive listening comprehension practice
  • Tons of video programs to build confidence in understanding natural spoken English
  • Vocabulary flashcards for more practice
  • Interactive grammar lessons
  • Continuous assessment tests for speaking and writing to measure progress

Part 3:  Deepen

In the afternoons, from 1 - 3 pm, Monday - Thursday, deepen your English skills in specific functional areas such as speaking, grammar, reading/writing and vocabulary/pronunciation.  Students can decide to take all classes all week or pick and choose which one is a specific weakness area they would like to see improved.  To learn more about this course and classes, click here.  The afternoon classes are structured as follows:

Part 4:  Reinforcement

Beyond the classroom, students are encouraged to reinforce their English skills by participating in our afternoon activities and by engaging in additional English practice on our online system.  

Reinforce skills through our structured online English practice system for adults which is proven to improve results.  The online learnings offers additional individualized instruction and is an excellent tool for blended learning.

For those students who wish to practice English in a more casual setting, we offer a variety of afternoon activities exploring the Magic of Hawaii.  From casual get to know your teacher events, to taking hikes on beautiful hiking paths, we offer an extensive list of fun activities to participate in.

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