Enroll in our Robotic Classes where students can construct, program and control robots remotely with mini-iPads. Build STEM capabilities while students make new friends and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).  Robotics for kids uses fun, hands-on projects to get your child’s creative juices flowing.  Your child will learn how to build and program robots with LEGO bricks and software.  The earlier you give your child fun, hands-on experiences with STEM, the better you can set your child up for success in advanced classes and in fast growing, high-paying careers.


Class Description

The robot class is very popular with students across America and is a great way to have fun and learn at the same time.  Classes are only $20 and is offered schedules during camp are:

  • Monday-Thursday:  4-5pm
  • Saturday 11am or 2pm
  • Sunday 2pm

How to Enroll

You can enroll online right now!

Follow these instructions:

1.  Select Start Date from calendar

2.  Select Lesson Time:  This will be your first lesson.

3.  Increase quantity in Add to Cart if you want recurring lessons on the weekday and time.  For example, set quantity to 2 if you want two lessons every Tuesday at 4pm.

4.  Select Add to Cart

5.  Add any other Days and Times of the week for Robotic lessons and repeat Steps 1-4

6.  Add any other courses, if desired

7.  Go to cart page by selecting View Cart or by selecting the Cart icon in the Main Menu

8.  Review tuition on Cart Page

9.  Select Proceed to Checkout

10. On Checkout, fill out personal information

11.  Select payment method and pay online

You will receive a confirmation receipt email of your enrollment and payment.  We will follow up with emails as the first lesson date approaches.


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