Afternoon Activities for Kids

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Goal of Activity

Among the four skills when you learn English - reading, writing, speaking and listening - two of them are different from the others, speaking and listening.  While one can learn to read and write English by yourself you can't really learn to speak alone or listen will in a natural environment.  This is why at Bright Beginnings, we offer activities where children can find opportunities to speak and listen to English in a natural and fun environment.  Everywhere they go on an activity, the English language is all around them.  Everything they do, they will find English:  shop names, streets, advertisements, tour operators, children talking... And so, we hope at Bright Beginnings children will expand their use of English in a free, open and fun environment.

What's New

Laser tag & Breakout!

We added two new fun activities for the students.  Laser tag utilizes the latest tech gear for an immersive experience that puts a high-tech spin on the classic games of hide-and-seek and tag.  Breakout is a mystery problem solving game where students try to break out of the room within a defined period of time.  Both new activities will excite, energize and allow our students to make new friends.

Robotic Classes

Students can add-on robotic classes at on Saturday’s. We are proud to be at the heart of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) movement. We’re not only the biggest provider of robotic programs in North America, we’re also the best. Reasons families love robotics: fun & engaging classes, innovative curriculum and coolest technology.

Activity Types

Every day, after morning English class lessons, the children go out on an afternoon activity. Monday through Thursday, children typically will engage in a half-day activity from 1pm to 4pm. On Fridays, depending on the activity, we may shorten the morning lesson time and embark on a fuller day of activities. During the camp, we have a wide variety of activities that the children participate in. These activities fall into six themes and groups.

Our Ohana

Engage with our Hawaiian community and develop a deeper understanding of Hawaii's culture and history by visiting museums and plantations. Experience Hawaii 5-0 by visiting a real local police station.

Local Friends

At Bright Beginnings, we engage with local schools and communities to conduct joint activities to increase the opportunity of our students to interact with local children. Students will make new friends and expand their English.

Marine & Land Life

Explore the living life of Hawaii. Hawaii is abundant with living organisms of all types. With many coral reefs, Hawaii is home to thousands of species of underwater creatures. Children will get to see the diversity of life on Hawaii.

Arts & Crafts

Ancient Hawaiian artisans were skillful craftsmen with extremely high standards of work and a unique perspective on artistic nature. They believed that each undertaking was a test of self and dedication to Hawaiian culture and religion. Children participate in traditional Hawaiian craftsman ship by making a multitude of items.


To keep the energy flowing and to burn off those calories, we engage in a number of fun sports activities including zumba, archery, fishing, swimming, bowling and miniature golf.

Magic of Hawaii

There are many beautiful spots in Hawaii. We explore jungles, mountains, parks and the ocean. We will see lighthouses, ranches, ex-volcano's and plantation villages.
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