Learn English in Hawaii!  Enroll in our Mini Group Course!

Why our English Program is different...

More Individual Attention

In a class of just 4 students, you will benefit from more individual contact with your teacher.  Bright Beginnings offers the smallest (4:1) & most intimate group settings in Hawaii.  Getting even more guidance, attention and feedback are all advantages of a Mini Group course.

Gain Fluency Quicker!

The flexibility of our teachers plus a small size group setting means that you will progress faster. Lots of engagement means you will improve your response time. In a smaller group of 4:1, you will enjoy stronger relationships with your class. Your confidence will grow as you have more opportunities to interact with your teacher .

Best Location - Kahala!

Just minutes away from the bustle of Waikiki is the upscale neighborhood of Kahala, considered the "Beverly Hills" of Hawaii.   Kahala is home to Kahala Mall, where we are located, Diamond Head crater and secluded sandy beaches.  Come join us at Bright Beginnings and enjoy the beautiful, secluded neighborhood of Kahala!

Low Price!

Learn English at a low price. We offer  one of the lowest prices in Hawaii and with one of the smallest class sizes.  Prices range from only $220 to $295 per week.  The flexibility of our teachers plus a small size group setting means that you will learn English and progress faster.  Your confidence will grow as you have more opportunities to interact with your teacher .

Course Description

Achieve English fluency quickly and effectively by following our English Program structure.  The weekly program, Monday-Thursday, starts at 8am till 12 pm.


Our English assessment test measures English proficiency in broad bands and identifies what a learner can do across four skills:  listening, reading, speaking and writing. Based on the results of our assessment tests, adults will be slotted in one of our four level courses where the learning and teacher materials are aligned.

  • Mini Group Course:  Beginners Classes
  • Mini Group Course:  Beginner-Intermediate Class
  • Mini Group Course:  Intermediate Classes
  • Mini Group Course:  Advanced Classes


Our Mini Group Course is a 16 lesson (55 minutes per lesson) structured program for adult learners who wish to make true progress in their English skills.  The integrated English classes are offered Mon-Thursday, 8 am - 12 pm.  We provide integrated and balanced instructions in speaking, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation.

  • Conversation activation lessons to help build conversational competence
  • Extensive listening comprehension practice
  • Tons of video programs to build confidence in understanding natural spoken English
  • Vocabulary flashcards for more practice
  • Interactive grammar lessons

At Bright Beginnings, our curriculum uses the National Geographic ESL program as a baseline structure for our classes for students.  The curriculum encourages self-expression, global citizenship, and active participation in the classroom through cross-curricular topics and stories from National Geographic Explorers.  Lessons are designed to inspire global citizens and promote 21st century skills through readings, videos, audio recordings and activities.  Through authentic, real-world content, big ideas and inspiring stories from National Geographic, the curriculum challenges students to not only understand their world but also to engage with it – all while learning English.  Students will be exposed to different cultures, places, global customs and traditions.


Beyond the classroom, students can learn English by participating in our afternoon excursions around Hawaii and by engaging in additional English practice on our online system.

In the afternoons, teachers and students can go out on customized excursions exploring the Magic of Hawaii.  From casual 'get to know your teacher' events, to taking hikes on beautiful hiking paths, you can participate in fun activities.

At home or at the center, reinforce skills through our structured online English learning system for adults which is proven to improve results.  The online learning offers additional individualized instruction and is an excellent tool for blended learning.

Course Details


Lesson Length:

Lessons per week:

Excursions per week:




Class size:

All year

Mornings 55 min (total 14.7 hours)

16 lessons, Monday - Thursday

Electives, as many as you like

1 week minimum

Beginner to Advanced

Every Monday

Target 4 students per class

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