Bus Service

We offer shuttle service from Waikiki to the Bright Beginnings Center located in the Kahala Mall.  The bus service fee is $96 for Mon-Thu.  We will stop at multiple locations in Waikiki to pick up customers.  We can add bus stops depending on the schedules for the day.  You can see the bus routes we have taken in the past in the map below.  Check with the admin staff to fix your scheduled stops.

In Waikiki, the bus schedule could follow the following schedule below:

  • Morning Bus Schedule:
    8:20am:  Ilikai Hotel
    8:30am:  Royal Hawaiian Hotel
    8:40am:  Waikiki Banyan
    8:55am:  Arrival Bright Beginnings Center at Kahala Mall
  • Afternoon Bus Schedule:
    1:00 pm:  Depart Bright Beginnings Center at Kahala Mall
    1:15 pm:  Waikiki Banyan
    1:25 pm:  Royal Hawaiian Hotel
    1:30pm:  Ilikai Hotel

We advise all passengers to arrive early at the pick-up and drop-off locations.  We are offering Life 360 service to allow passengers to see in real-time where the bus is located.  This would allow passengers to arrive at the bus stop on time.  Bus schedule and stop locations are subject to change.  Final schedules and stop locations will be finalized a week before Camp starts.  All passengers will be informed.  Please refer to the map below for exact locations for bus stops.

To schedule Bus Service click here.


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