Enroll now... English Camp in Hawaii!

Camp Enrollment is Open!

Summer, July 15 - August 30, 2024
Winter, Dec 16 - February 28, 2025

Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm

Bright Beginnings is accepting enrollment for our English Camp in Hawaii.  This year, we have an exciting program planned for the students.  In the morning, children will study English for three hours from 9am to noon-time from Monday to Friday for 15 hours of instruction a week.  And, our program is structured around weekly themes, group projects and individual studies in speaking, listening, writing and reading.  Daily schedules can change.  For example, morning and afternoon sessions could be swapped in order to ensure safety and to sustain effectiveness.  Enroll now for Bright Beginnings is the best English Camp in Hawaii program for children.

  • Smallest classes with 1 teacher per a target of 4 children
  • Smaller classes allows for more customized instruction focusing on key needs of each student
  • Weekly themes for instruction that is integrated with the afternoon programming
  • Opportunities to present in English their weekly projects to the whole class

Curriculum Suitable for Young Learners

In our English Camp in Hawaii, at Bright Beginnings, our curriculum uses the National Geographic ESL program as a baseline structure for our classes.  The curriculum encourages self-expression, global citizenship, and active participation in the classroom through cross-curricular topics and stories from National Geographic Explorers.  Lessons are designed to inspire global citizens and promote 21st century skills through readings, videos, audio recordings and activities.  Through authentic, real-world content, big ideas and inspiring stories from National Geographic, the curriculum challenges students to not only understand their world but also to engage with it – all while learning English.  Students will be exposed to different cultures, places, global customs and traditions.  Students will taken an assessment test on the first day, or before they arrive, and will be placed at the appropriate level.

New Activities:  English Camp in Hawaii!

In the afternoons, students participate in a variety of activities exploring the Magic of Hawaii.  There are three new activities added to our English Camp program.  We are introducing two new participatory games:  laser tag and breakout.  Breakout is a mystery problem solving game where students try to escape from a room within a predefined time period.  Laser tag uses state-of-the-art equipment allowing for a fully immersive experience that puts students through a break taking high-tech classic game.  At He'eia Fishpond, students will learn how old Hawaii maintained a ready supply of live fish.


Registration fee $150

English Camp Key Facts

 Minimum Age                                                                                      5 years old

 Average Age of Children                                                               10 years old

  Hours of English Instruction per Week                                15 hours per week

  Length of Summer Camp                                                              6 weeks

  Location                                                                                                Kahala Mall

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