Tuition for Seasonal Camps

Full Day Camp (9am - 4pm)

Registration fee (non-refundable, due at registration) $150
Daily Rate is $185

1 week$895
2 weeks$1,510
3 weeks$2,220
4 weeks$2,920
5 weeks$3,600
6 weeks$4,260
Daily Rate$185


Activity-Only Camp (1-4pm)


1 week$300
2 weeks$600
3 weeks$900
4 weeks$1,200
5 weeks$1,500
6 weeks$1,800

Tuition for Academy

Registration Fee (non-refundable, due at registration) $150
Half Day Academy (9am - noon OR 1-4pm)
Full Day Academy (9am - 4pm, lessons & activities)

Half DayFull Day
1 week$6751 week$975
2 weeks$1,2102 weeks$1,810
3 weeks$1,7553 weeks$2640
4 weeks$2,2804 weeks$3,500
5 weeks$2,8005 weeks$4,300
6 weeks$3,2706 weeks$5,070

Private Lessons

For Children (aged 5-17)

Registration and evaluation session:  $150

5 lessons$325
10 lessons$620
15 lessons$900
20 lessons$1,160

For adults

Registration and evaluation session:  $150

5 lessons$300
10 lessons$580
15 lessons$850
20 lessons$1,080

Group Lessons for Adults

For adults in groups of 1 teacher to 8 adults

Registration:  $150
For Beginning and Moderate Levels

1 week$250/week
2 weeks$225 / week
3 weeks$210 / week
4 weeks$195 / week
5-8 weeks$190 / week
9-12 weeks$180 / week


Customized Programs

We can customize an English program based on your specific requirements.  Please contact us about fees.


Discounts and Payment Terms

Registration fees are non-refundable.  

Refunds are provided under the following circumstances:

  • Full refund (on tuition only) when program is cancelled 30 or more business days prior to start date.
  • 75% refund (on tuition only) when program is cancelled between 15 - 29 days prior to start date
  • 50% refund (on tuition only) when program is cancelled between 1-14 days prior to start date
  • No refund after the start of the program

All payments will be charged a State of Hawaii GET tax of 4.712%

Bright Beginnings accepts payments in the form of US dollars, checks and credit cards at the Center or through STRIPE.   Foreign credit cards and STRIPE:  3% administrative fee added.

Tuition rates are valid from February 2017.

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