Intensive English in Private

The Private Course focuses on personalized and customized English for adults.  We will customize each learning program based on the need and level of the student.  We can focus on conversational skills but also on reading and writing skills.  Your first session will start with understanding your specific needs and developing a learning plan tailored to you.

  • Private tutoring exclusively
  • Customized and personalized tutoring based on need and level
  • Each session is one hour long

For students who want private lessons, consider one of the following two programs:

Adult Private Course

This course is a structured course from 9 - 4 pm, Monday - Friday.  It is the same as the Mini Group Course, but in this course, there is only 1 teacher and 1 student.  It is ideal for students who want a structured and intense program but yet in a highly customized, private environment.

Adult Private Class

This class is for adults who want a totally customized program and have only a few hours a week.  Students can select how many classes they would need help and the time of day for the lessons.  It is ideal for adults who are busy and yet would like to improve their English abilities.

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